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Why I am a Google Local Guide!

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Google Local Guides Sydney Australia 36" Annual Photowalk 23rd April 2017Google Local Guides Sydney Australia 36" Annual Photowalk 23rd April 2017



Hi everyone 

When people ask me about why am I a Google Local Guide I reply that I.T is all about helping people. Also in meeting great people from in our local area as well as from all around the world. 


Being a Google Local Guide helping business in writing good informative reviews. Also helping customers who read the reviews find fabulous places to go and see. Helping people in keeping all information on Google Maps up to date and correct too. 


Google Local Guides Connect is an excellent place to connect with other Google  Local Guides and find out about great tips on the best ways to make things easier for everyone. It is great fun to work together, forming bonds and learning from each other many ways to help our communities. 


Another local guide asked me about connecting with me on the internet. I told them
"Thank you for your kindness. Do you have a Google+ page to share with me? I am very interested in joining communities and discovering yours and othe Google Local Guides peoples collections and communities.

I find there is so much to do in G+ in joining communities and collections plus in creating new communities and collections and in actually connecting with other like minded people in G+ that it is an excellent experience, very exhilarating and I spend all the time I can expanding connections and networking in Google+. I do multi-level social media network marketing. 

I used to do multi-platform network marketing and have accounts in all the other top social media platforms still.  However with my experience in the industry I found that the best business practice for what I do is in multi-level platform marketing in working in the most progressive innovative social media platform that is Google+. I specialise in direct target marketing and as such refer my customers to Google+ I refer people to join

G Suite where G+ is one of many top level excellent business products. 

Multi-level marketing incorporates best business practices with G Suite and G+ , then there is "Google My Business" and G+ Brand accounts. Specifically G+ Brand accounts are the best to accelerate business networking with connection through Google Maps and G+.


Plus in and through G Suite connecting businesses webpages to their social media business and creating G sites for internet and intranet services. There is the ecveptional brilliance of the incredible Google Keep, I use all the time. Plus of course Google Drive and sensational security with Google Cloud Vault service too.


My Gmail is most important in business communications and coordination correspondence  plus the Google Calendar service outshines all others with so many connective correlative  options. 

I also recommend Multi-level marketing in being associated with and connecting your Blogs through Blogger connections with G+ brand accounts. Also through Hangouts and YouTube. All best business social media network marketing. 

I love to help people with their businesses through Google Local Guides, then being able to go so much further with G Suite, G+ and G+ Brand accounts, Google My Business, Google Maps, Hangouts, and YouTube.

Then there is top level data management with Google Sheets, Docs and Slides through G Suite and G sites too. Using Google Forms and being able to have all data correlated and formulated instantaneously with Google sheets is exception in time management, giving extra time to work on other projects.


Presntations made professional through Google Slides and information collections so easy with Google Docs and Google Drive. These products and services sell themselves in efficiency for my business and from such excellence I always share them in referrals as best business practice in all businesses and industries.  


There is so much with Data analysis through Google Analytics and extra outstanding advertising and promotions through Google AdWords, Google AdSense, DoubleClick and AdMob. These are all areas that are examples of extensive best business practices available for all types of businesses that you can learn so much from in G+ communities and networking.


All help all types of business through excellence in Google Search and SEO advantages in using the best most efficient, cost effective services available for best business practice. 

For every industry communication and connection that involves interactive engaging with people specifically interested in what you have to say, what you love to do personally as well as professional connections for businesses. 

So through the best available with the worlds most Valuable products, including using Google Chrome, with all the outstanding products and services, as mentioned above for best SEO optimisation  (Chrome having over 80% pf the market now because of most efficient best business practices, plus products and services and top developers always working to improve and make I.T easier every day) I am always on G+ and busy working to help others in doing so too. Helping others makes us complete. 

I look forward to getting to know as many Google Local Guides as possible through your G+ account connections and ot will be super to connect with you in Blogger and 

YouTube too. As well as in Google Local Guides Connect platform also



Helping others Makes us Complete!   
Rock on! Stay Strong. Take Care. 
Have Fun!  

Shine on Diamonds

Google Local Guides Sydney Australia  36" Annual photowalk 23rd April 2017

 Good luck to everyone who has applied for #LGsummit2017