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Who is bullying who? The Australian businesses who are being bullied every time a small fraction of the News Media uses the Government to threaten Google and FB.

This is how we are able to see that all business associated with those programs and the investments made there are also being threatened. The code will cause too much damage, that will cost too many people, and leave unacceptable debt that will have a lasting damaging affect on Australian businesses.

The majority know what is best,

including the government by working together

with Social Media leaders

and for all industries to suit all involved....

A solution that covers it all.

This is a matter where every business across Australia, who are now earning from and with Google and FB Products and services, are being threatened; including the News Media themselves. This is a plight for attention, from a small fraction of a few great industries, that are working to get the best possible solution to suit all involved.

Every small, medium, large and corporate business who have invested and earned from the internet; billions of dollars all told, are being threatened by these baseless, unethical, unacceptable demands against their companies. The introduction of the "code "affects all involved and is bias and prejudice against the majority, favouring a minority.

Every time there is a threat made about Google and FB bullying, or in even saying that the government is bullying, is where it can be blatantly seen that the threats are one sided against all involved, including Google and FB, plus all our Aussie businesses working with them.

It can only be said that where Google and FB are protecting their clients who are the Australian Tax payers, we are able to gain by working with them as they have always done with us.

As an Australian business who has developed over many years, and in that has been working online with business management services, since before Google and FB were in Australia, this post is about how there must be notable concerns made clear to those who are stirring things up. There is always a way to be reasonable.

It is so unacceptable that when you say that the Australian Government are bullying and are not only taking on Google and FB, because in saying that it would mean that they are also taking on everyone of the Australian businesses who are using and always benefiting from the services and products provided by Google and FB. You are endangering good business ethics both in the internet and across all media.

Taking bias and prejudice against these companies is bias and prejudice against the Australian public. There are so many alternative options for both the Australian Government as well as the News Media.

Reporting that they are fighting against the Australian public for absurd options. These options will result with funds and deals that are being offered as very generous (considering). However if they consider the other options they can be a part of then they will see that the funds they are requesting will pay the News media teams very little. They really can be getting so much more in working with Google and Facebook to start then on top using the systems available to earn so much more like the best of Australian businesses do!

It will mean that amount that they are trying for, and being very generously offered, can not be anywhere near what they could get by looking into the alternatives available, rather than this illogical and inappropriate code proposal.

Why cause such upheaval against everyone, not just the Australians who are working for them, but also those businesses who are working with these companies? It makes no sense. It is ridiculous.

To start with the referrals that are made to the News Companies from social media are already favours for them... Sounds good. Let us see if Google and FB will refer customers to us all as well .... YES. They do! And in many varied ways. Shared and fair, referrals is an option that is available for all businesses with search engines directing traffic to all businesses at no cost!

Right now it is known as "The Free internet!"

Change this and I.T changes for all concerned, for all businesses in every industry.

It has been made clear that putting a code on that creates an unbalanced costly bias is going against all other Australian businesses.

Australia has also, at this stage, got search engine referencing across the globe with international search engines including Australian businesses. Causing bias and giving the search engines and video business leverage unlawful prejudice leaves no option than to remove the Australian businesses and so we all suffer. That is not a threat, it is protecting all businesses world wide, including News Media companies, keeping search safe and fair for all. The Australian Government making Google and FB pay the Australian News Media is the threat that puts the unbalance unethical pressure against us all.

We, as Australian businesses are the ones being threatened not only by what the Government code proposal results will produce, but also by those small fraction of the news media moguls who are not able to recognise progress. It has to be seen that the Government themselves are not against the success that all businesses can get by using any of the number of options across all of the internet.

The NEWS Media that should and does have their own platforms, as they are NOT social media stories is where we can get the best from skilled, trained professional reporters is seen. It is very reasonable where they are kept completely separate. With the companies like Google referring people via the NEWS Showcase product that works well in that it separates the news and assists the News Media programs and the people both using social media as well as businesses working with Social Media.

The Google News Showcase helps all involved to see that the News Media platforms are where the specific details by the professional journalists can be acquired. That is where they, each separate News Company, can earn now and as they always did by highlighting the importance of each report. The need for businesses to promote through the News Companies individual reporting area relative to the news reported daily, monthly, annually is where they can get the far higher and more relevant extra income leverages, than those that they are requesting Google and FB to pay them.

And it is a fact that they can actually earn more by separating the News reports on their own programs and platforms and then again with their companies on search just like all other businesses do, they can be earning a lot more by doing both that way. No prejudice or bias for any industry. Yet that is the point that the Social Media Companies are trying to make by arranging deals with the News programs.

  • Where Fb plans are now that all News Media access on the FB platform is limited, this has occurred as per what the "Code" requires. They are, like Google, protecting Australian businesses from extra charges on the free internet. They are allowing business to be directed to the News Media platforms as required by the code. However if alternatives were used and introduced through I C castles then this too can be a way so that not only the News Media, but also FB and all businesses on FB and everywhere, can and will have extra income bearing leverages that they can earn from. It is through this access, in allowing access through I C castles, then as well as through social media from Google and FB there will be traffic being directed to the News Media platforms from an Australian outlet/port (or sets of ports across the globe) as requested by the Australian Government.

The News Media heads must be made to see that they can and will earn more that way by updating their presentations and formats and keeping it all separate from Social Media (except for in their own communities within Social Media where they can and do get more benefits with earning by putting in their own ads there like we all do). It must be seen that they are NEWS Media NOT SOCIAL MEDIA and like all other businesses online.

  • Looking at including multi-media platforms is also possible with I C castles, being about and through services and systems designed specifically for every industry: *online only (through CoVid), *online and on location and *online and on premises for each activity through the new programming made in Australia.

  • I C castles is designed to work across the globe and can be used by all media in every country.

With the other options available now the News Media can earn more. There are so many different opportunities to earn and share news across the INTERNET COMPLETE: Social Media is just one area. There is also Specialised Blogging, Website/Domain management, Email, video and classifieds, plus News Media online. All are included in this program and the programming is developed around the I C castles for each industry. It is adaptable in all sectors.

First thing that must happen is by stopping the pressure against the Australian businesses involved in social media at this time. Also there is more functionable methods that will be introduced by allowing the Social Media Companies to still refer traffic to their companies, using the new referral methods proposed by Mel Silva ,and reiterated by Sundar Pichai, such as the News Showcase business venture.

When some of the Media claims Government says that they are being pressured by the Social Media and search companies supposed threats to leave, this must be put into perspective. It is a matter that there is no pressure on the government but rather pressure on Australian businesses because of Australian Government actions against the Social media effects all businesses involved. The pressure is on the firms who are protecting their clients who are Australian Businesses.

That is where the "News" reports claiming otherwise is causing trouble against all Australian businesses involved, not just Google and FB. This is what needs to be clarified.

Where there are choices for the News Media programs to support Australian businesses, instead of going against them. This can be seen through the abuse that will occur by introducing this code. It will mean unbalanced misuse of the resources and business tools being used like search engines, video and social media. These are areas are now operating so that they benefit all who use it at this time, introducing the "code" will change this. New options can be the solution to make them inclusive for business relationships optimisation extras in every industry, not bias to just one.

There must be positive reasonable alternative methods introduced, so there are a couple of options to choose from, as noted here. Instead of claiming there is a stubborn abusive stand off defending the minority and being against many businesses with only one proposal.

There is a necessity, especially in these times; after and through CoVid, with all that the economy is going through, for an intelligent and responsible governance supporting the majority of Australian businesses.

This is where the reports against the responsible Social Media companies as being against finding a reasonable approach that assists all, will only delay progress.

Claiming the solution involves (going back in time) using unacceptable options that are (as seen through data science and statistics), far less successful, less efficient tools and resources, where the costs to Australian businesses will just mount up, becoming more and more inappropriate. It is all totally unacceptable.

It is also all very well to make more mistakes, (that have already been proven as not appropriate) by not being able to produce the quality and value in services that is required. This will send us even more behind the rest of the world on the level of excellence for all involved, for every business on the internet. This is unacceptable in such important areas of modern business and allowing those companies who have not had success in these areas to "fill in" will be just another area for unnecessary costs to all businesses.

As for alternatives we must be precise. The unacceptable program alternatives that are being offered like Bing, being offered by Microsoft, who have their own areas of expertise, (and that is not the areas which is being disrupted) it has not got the market right now, for many reasons. This can be seen in where they do have the majority of the market they have specialties, products and services. It is a fact that they would have the majority of the market at this time if they have the expertise in the areas in question. And or if what is being offered benefited all businesses as they should, then they would if they did, but they do not! So allowing the quality of services to be lowered is even more damaging and threatening to all Australian businesses also.

Seeing what areas they used to excel in, and where they removed their business priorities from these areas when they lost the market there, and moved them to where they have the top quality technical advantages to offer. It is clear they would only remove their funding from where they are a minimal part of the market at any time, concentrating their business funds on where they do what they do best with specific technical programs and hardware.

Doing a patch job will be extremely damaging to all business online including their own. Their areas of expertise are where they do best. And they know where they are not able to keep up with the latest methods and or offer the top level of quality tools and resources required, then they remove funding. Already said and done.

Productive systems working with in all industries, in their specialist areas, know every team can access consultancy services. Obviously it is known that businesses are all about being able and capable in their specialties, working with all others, for best business practice across all industries, to improve business and living standards for all people. That is where every industry, every business must make changes and adapt with progress. This has been evident with all areas of every business as more and more advances occur through the introduction of A.I with M. L. making everything far more efficient and effective in all areas.

The news media is an area of expertise that cannot not be seen as an area that is like a lot of other industries, so why should there be any bias or extra payments in that area above others. So many programs have developed over many years online and working to improve services and draw traffic to that industry is how we all have got there.

This is where I C castles can act as an entirely new productive development that will be able to redirect all stress from the government, by allowing an area that can be accessed through and with every business in every industry, and thereby allow the government to be totally informed. It is clear that they definitely do not have a full understanding on how the social media is working with so many Australian businesses here and world-wide, because if the government did understand then they would not be pressuring against them for actions including bias and prejudice for one industry that will damage that.

Introducing these new and valued, experienced methods will allow the Social media to continue to benefit those working with them now. Plus also giving new income bearing leverages to all News Media and all Australian plus international businesses, and social media here and over seas as well.

These are the real financial and business matters, that are always prioritised for getting every nation through economic difficulties. At different stages, through challenges we all face, is where all top leaders will succeed by being adaptable. Success for all media is about being able to communicate best methods through data and statistics, that prove what works for all involved. Experience is a valuable key that opens up all knowledge and makes every business adaptable.

Using these skills and knowledge and putting them into practice, while making them adaptable at all levels, is where these matters will be organised and arranged so that everyone benefits, not just a minority.

The government sees that what happens here is going to affect Australian businesses world-wide. Local industries all know that what happens here affects everyone, nationally and internationally, across all industries. It is so important that all businesses must be considered.

Experience that moves with business, both personal and professional, and grows with time, allows people everywhere, when changes and challenges occur, to be always able to move forward. We adapt.

News Media must and can learn to adapt. They have to try different options and stop pressuring the government, because by doing so they are putting pressure on all other Australian businesses. This will cost us all and that is not acceptable.

We cannot and do not "live" backwards.


The solution where all involved will be able to benefit and both the Australian Public as well as international are the winners can be the only productive alternative at this time:

Where there are options to introduce an Australian Product/Program that means working with both the separate News Media areas on their own platforms earning as much as, and as well as working with any and all Social Media platform is the answer.

This will mean a balanced opportunity without detracting from the necessity of high productivity in both areas is the solution required. Giving the News Media the opportunity to work with instead of against Australian businesses would allow the Government to do the same in this area.

Allowing all technical specialists both as Social Media and News Media companies (including the Search and video areas in both) to continue to operate without disruption will mean that this can be resolved faster and in a way that everyone comes out in front, including the public.

It must be done in a manner that leaves every issue in question to be turned into opportunities that are productive and a way that efficiency in all matters will not be questioned in any way.

With new and innovative programs that are able to be used while introducing more A.I. with M.L. improving effective and efficient business services and products while giving all involved higher revenue and better results can be and is possible. Every single company will use these methods including the government. This is totally adaptable for every industry. This uses all technical experts in all lifestyles.

The Internet Complete (Integrated Circuits) clients appreciation services (caring and sharing) top leads excellence systems leads every program to other, multiple income leverages. Building business relationships optimisation extras creates opportunities that will let all businesses, including non-for-profit and government programs to have a new and useful set of revenue bearing options.



Elucidation for the Australian Government:

By making "the code" for the News/Media industries, it is not accepting that the changes that have been requested in this arrangement, will be ruining fair process for everybody else!

The result will be that the rest of us, the majority, will be unacceptably, excessively inconvenienced and exorbitantly, inordinately, intolerably disrupted, for a minority!

This is a matter of utmost urgency in there are so many contributing factors that must be taken into consideration, seeing that this will change fair trading for the majority and so accepting different options must be considered as high priority.

How the final arrangement, agreed to by all involved, will change what is already a well balanced, continually novaturient, constantly updated fair process and put it in a place far from where it is fair for all needs to be considered.

Changing it to a lop sided, uneven, unbalanced set of costly disruptive effects on good services, with that affecting the balanced system with priority leaning towards the minority is not acceptable.

The costs of business are always varied with every industry. The longer you are in business there are always ways to improve and make the best of the services that are used to make business more efficient and effective in all areas. This is considered in these systems at this stage. The new code will remove that status and not consider every industry.

We all have been in a position that has developed for many years that is even and balanced for every business. The costs to us in changing the system as stated by the Australian Government with the introduction of a code that leaves a huge gap in the costs to every company and business.

It means that all will not be given the opportunities to get the advantages of search engine optimisation with the even equation as it exists at this time.

Changing this system as it is now will leave a lot of people without and that does not make sense. There needs to be a resolution that allows for fair balance and that means the Australian Government code must be changed to reconsider every other industry.

It can do this so that there can be a position that is far more to their advantage by working around the changes only affecting the News areas, and making the agreement more suitable and feasible for conveniences that suit all businesses and industries...


Regarding every industry for each and every business on the internet:

It is time to change our options, knowing we have experience in working with the very best in the world. Being able to meet the quality and adding features and functions, including all requirements to improve business that will surpass every expectation. Our leaders are all about helping every business on the road to recover. recuperate and regenerate business.

The Australian Federal Government, Scott Morrison's team, plus every state are working together with the top level internet teams like Google and FB to find ways to assist all levels of business in making this process easier for everyone to get through.

There are several methods for businesses in every industry to use to get help and assistance in action at this time. This is being done by both the government and the top programs on the internet knowing that there will be a way to get the highest quality in all services to everyone, so that there is no industry left without what is necessary to complete a full recovery as soon as possible.

This platform is a whole new digital inclusion that will take every business, including news media, to another level.

The tech giants employ thousands in Australia and in every country, we should not try to strip them of their dignity. We need to, and can do the opposite of calling a cry of war against them, by showing a new and innovative method of business that they will also benefit from.

We have the means and the skills and talent to meet them, equal and join them in their ability to help and assist every business at every level. This will be done by introducing a new method of business excellence online, that every business in Australia and across the globe, including world wide News Media, so all industries, can participate.

With everyone able to become a part of the digital age, using far more advanced services and systems means it is time to begin the next stage of business excellence online for every industry. There are many opportunities to be involved in with a lot of competition in each industry, it is notable that those with excellent business ethics improve and continue to advance their services and products.

There is no need to criticise others, but rather praise and encourage them in their business ventures. Knowing that it is through taking part in what they do that you too can advance and benefit from the opportunities they offer. Critical thinking in constructive interactions must be managed in a productive manner that is all a matter of keeping things in perspective. Quite often those involved in destructive attacks are usually arguing with themselves and in that way eventually realise their antics are pointless worthless ventures.

Time for economic change. There is no need to strut around stating we are going to take on the Techno giants. Instead we can be suave with business savvy intelligent actions that will mean we join the industry, and be one of the leaders who will be seen as clearly doing IT in a whole different professional digital business dimension.

This will mean opening up new options that lead to improving commitment and connection in businesses with all areas of interactive communicable sociable leverages leading to extra excellence systems. This is about introducing a different means of income using the internet. It is about having income bearing functions and features that are created to cover every industry and each area will be able to improve revenue in doing so.

The Australian media moguls can work as separate programs, on a platform that has the news on its own level, that every country can, to meet their needs. The brilliance in business services that all these Australian businesses have built over all the years will continue to grow with and through the digital age we are a part of now. This will enable all businesses to be on the same level financially as the tech giants are now. Not against them, just different to them, working with them, earning from them and allowing them to work with us and earn in return recurring allowances that incur constant improvements that all industries benefit from and so get increased revenue. And so in such allowing them to also benefit from these Internet Complete (Integrated Circuits) clients appreciation services (caring and sharing) top leads excellence systems for building business relationships optimisation extras ( broe - the unisex version of bro! Yo!).

We all will be able to have a different program that is also able to work with the techno giants and make the difference that will keep IT about doing IT so that all areas of media will benefit. And revenue can be increased for all businesses (with an Australian flavour, that adapts to be profitable in every nation flavouring it with their own unique taste).

Made in Australia for the world to make it their own way also. This means showing the world multi-income programs with a difference. A new platform that is designed in OZ for all countries to use and be able to design their own version through every business in every industry in every country. So every government and every business all come out in front economically and socially. We can work with all businesses and the multinational tech giants will be working with us as well.

Integration of business with community programs at all levels, growing every business through specific topics and subjects. Your I C castles are made and designed about your business, this happens by each I C castles interactive clients appreciation services and top leads excellence systems developments being specifically aimed at building business relationships optimisation extras (Broe).

I C castles - Internet Complete - Integrated Circuits

Building ''business relationships optimisation extras''

Your sweet ( I C -Ice Cream) strength - castles

(caring and sharing top leads excellence systems)

c-lients a-ppreciation s-ervices

t-op l-eads e-xcellence s-ystems.

Community interactive sociable inclusion:

Using more AI with ML allowing more efficient, effective business is now and the future we all embrace. It is in being a part of IC castles you will be involved in raising revenue as I C castles incorporate advanced extra income leverages. Through being a part of I C castles you will be boosting the quality of living standards in all areas, through best business practice and so much more.

I C castles are multiple extra incomes leveraged as sets of services and systems designed specifically about your business to create business benefits. It covers the art, science, music, comedy and culture of all individual businesses in every industry in every area. The who, why, when, where and how of each subject and topic that is included.

I C castles is an innovative, consistent, new and interesting programming platform that specialises in working with every community online, on location and on premises. The I C castles planning involves every area including food, clothing, transport, shelter/accommodation/office/living areas, medicine/health factors and education and the relation of each area to business in each industry.

I C castles involve various business dimensions; including online marketing, promotions, activities, and events all about your business made specifically for the I C castles programs designed for businesses. In doing so connecting business with every community and all associate businesses related to it.

I C castles arrange and complete all the planning, management and maintenance for every feature and function and in doing so incorporate services and systems to be available as new methods to build business relationships optimisation extras for every business.

Through the internet complete every area of the internet has a new program that leads to and is associated with your business including websites, emails, blogging, video, social media, classifieds , news media and so much more. All areas having links to your business with many new multiple income leverage made available to you in doing so.

I C castles creates multiple new areas for increasing revenue and so requiring increasing employment, with multiple income options using Broe (the unisex version of bro and sis) building business relationships optimisation extras. Increased A.I with M.L. is just one of the many new digital keys that this programming is based on. I C castles is where every industry will benefit.

I C castles gives all business extra leverage that all and every one can be included in. Laying foundations that continually grow based on your sweet strength. IT is time to get in touch, this digital power is the new way to grow from your business strengths now.


I acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional owners and custodians on whose land I walk, work & live.