"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. "

arthur c. clarke +++

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”

― Arthur C. Clarke


When love is magical it is destiny. When destiny has a sense of humour, it is serendipity.


“The World pushes us without mercy and when some push back, the world points and cries, ‘Evil’”

—Mewtwo (Pokémon)


**** Do not "LIVE" backwards.***

(lol... Spell it! Ok Make sure you do not do that! Mewtwo says don't point!! Make that the point!!).


+++++Your IQ has more value when you use your EQ wisely. +++++


Helping others makes us complete.

Audry Hepburn/Mother Theresa.

Golden time symphony. Time is money. I C castles are entirely creative programming, incorporating every area of all businesses. Including all communities connections for always variant tools and resources giving results that are multiple new revenue leverages while building business relationships optimisation extras.

Making the difference in these times is where with all that is changing and progressive, while being able to be continuously cost and time efficient, at the same time as being productive and effective, having your company with its own I C castles set up and active You can and do have full control.

At the same time being adaptable so that your choices fit every service and system involved.

A.I saves time, using your time wisely is a skill all top level businesses have as a priority obviously. Taking business to the top level is all about having all the right stuff in all the right places at the right times.

Being in tune with what is required from your market is basic business management that goes without saying. So many people in so many industries giving options and choices that every market changes for and with all the demographics relative to each industry and its requirements.

I C castles has so many ways to improve all that is involved with not only building business relationships optimisation extras but also in well planned, managed and maintained programs to create continuous recurring interactions at the same time, saving you time.