Your I C castles

Created for your business

Your I C castles: Connecting your business with all that matters in all of your communities. Join every part of these services and systems is created to be interactive communicable connectivity for all businesses and their new plus existing clients.

Unique for your business

  • ICcastles is done by investing in your business. It is your investment in appreciation for your clients. This program allows you to invest in your community and is the way to connect and communicate on a whole different level.

  • ICcastles shows all the differences that matter to get your business started with and benefiting from all the individual specifically designed attributes accessed through your ICcastles. This happens from being with ICcastles services and systems that work by using your products and services as the highlight and focal point of the whole program.

  • ICcastles attracts existing clients and brings in new clients by building and using business relationships optimisation extras.

  • We discuss and arrange a plan just for your business needs created around using the Internet Complete clients appreciation services top leads excellence systems. . .

  • Every dollar spent is itemised.

  • Payments are made to Guest Hosts and Gifted hosts through your original investment. We pay them and all areas are covered so that you do not outlay any further payments. There are continued payments and revenue in all areas for you.

  • Templates are prepared for topic discussions on each subject.

  • Activities, actions, meetings, conferences, presentations, events are arranged based around the topic subject.

  • Payments to you made through payments to your program via increased leverage through ads, marketing promotions and bonuses.

  • As well as business arrangements made for commissions on all products so that all involved get paid.

ICcastles enables your business interaction with other associated businesses through their involvement via Guest Hosts and Gifted Hosts presentations and contributions as well as being able to be a part of each of the program actions. You will achieve many new ways to make revenue with your whole ICcastles making income in all areas for all involved.

For example we arrange artists, scientists, musicians, comedians, and people from all areas of cultural expertise like authors to write books and blogs about your business, poets to write poems about your business, musicians and composers to do music performances composed about your business, comedians to do performances all based about your business, area of expertise and create the content based about your business.

The Guest Hosts and Gifted Business Hosts we organise for your ICcastles program with each program action included in the total presentation that has the digital version for people to connect to these in between each program section or room of your ICcastles. WE promote before during and after so that when they also then display their own and associate what they do with your business there are business connections with your business that goes even further for more business lists with people who use all your services and systems created for your ICcastles.

ICCastles follow through with actions to continue services with systems made for extensive, expanded business connections for transactions all relative to building business relationships optimisation extras. Services related to your products and services to show clients appreciation and draw more communication and interaction for extended business, increased business activities.

  • Stimulating, innovative, unusual

  • methods for sharing information about your business with associated businesses

  • initiate increased business via several methods

  • creation of activities, services, actions, functions and much more (different at each step of the program)

  • all about your business appreciation for clients and

  • allows clients to appreciate you too

  • ICcastles consists of discussions, then services, activities, actions and systems

  • art, science, music, comedy and culture of your business.

  • presentations in Video format on YouTube with Live Chat.

  • These are set up with guest hosts and gifted hosts.

  • ICcastles arrange everything for you from local and industry related, national and international visitors.

  • ICcastles is set up so that it allows your clients many opportunities

  • to become more involved in and to transact with your business through the program,

  • by sharing information about your business

  • interactive program activities

  • inspiring transactions and increasing business leverage while doing so.

  • Audience interaction in presentations all about your business.

  • The discussions are all preset so that the what, when, why, how and who of what is discussed is able to be monitored

  • adaptable with audience interaction from questions delivered during each occasion.

  • These are advertised prior to the events as well as during and in between every separate discussion.

  • Your business earns in this action also.

  • Next step we go digital.

  • The Guest and Gifted hosts characters involved in the discussions have virtual creations that will be made for continued interaction in the ICcastles room in association with each service.

  • There are multiple income opportunities with ads also being used in each room that will allow your business a separate income leverage.

  • Each program discussion leads to new activities and events all related to your business and the association your clients business is in relation to your connection to them, that we arrange for you.

  • So increasing communication and placing you and your clients in extra connection services.

Experience unique varied reality connective communicable interactions specifically designed for very business.